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the Rubaiyat
Along the Red Book Road

By Linda Carter Holman 
with an introduction by Louis Untermeyer.

44 full color images
from Linda's Southwest series
paired with the 75 quatrains
from Edward FitzGeralds first edition
of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

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 The creation of art,
In all its diverse forms,
Allows each one of us
To sing the song anew

Amazing to me that 39 years have passed
since my first introduction to the  Rubaiyat.

"Looking back, it seems only natural, being a young artist at the time,
and so inspired by the Rubaiyat, that my wish was born, a wish
that someday I, too, would create pictures for my own illustrated
edition."     LCH

That wish made so many years ago has
Come to fruition at long last.
To have the book here in hand
And to be able to share it with you all
is icing on the cake.


 "Edward FitzGerald (1809) enriched and transformed the words of
Omar Khayyam (A.D. 1123) making the Rubaiyat accessible to the
readers of the 19th Century. Linda Carter Holman's early attraction
to the Rubaiyat foreshadowed the fate of both her growth and the
development of this book. Now it is done: Truly a labor of love.
Spanning nearly 10 Centuries, that same truth found in poetry and
art, invites a new audience to the richness and timelessness of
the Rubaiyat."
Guinevere Ruth Mueller